Most property owners invest significant time and resources to maintain their outdoor space. But what use is a beautiful yard or deck when it’s shut down due to weather? Both rain and sun can leave a lawn, poolside patio, or dining area empty for days at a time. Bioclimatic pergolas offer a flexible and attractive solution to this problem, but what makes them better than a standard veranda? And are they right for your home or business?

What are Bioclimatic Pergolas?

A basic pergola provides shade and cover as a rectangular, flat-roofed structure. It may stand alone or be attached to a larger building like a home or restaurant. Not all pergolas feature movable slats or louvers. More old-fashioned models with fixed louvers still shelter people from wind, rain, and sun, but only to a certain extent. Gaps in their louvers leave room for heat and water to leak through.

Bioclimatic pergolas, on the other hand, use modern technology to give unprecedented control over your cover. Motorized louvers rotate on command between fully open and closed positions or somewhere in between. This allows you to seal the area below against oppressive rain or sun and open it again for gentler weather. In effect, a bioclimatic pergola acts like an additional room of your home or business, with more or less sun exposure as desired.

How do Bioclimatic Pergolas Work?

Every louvered roof is built from a complex system perfected over decades of innovation. The earliest rotating pergolas needed adjusting by hand, and they weren’t always waterproof. They could only reach a certain size before the weight of the roof mechanism became too much to support. Thankfully, modern technology has erased many of these difficulties.

Sundance Louvered Roofs employ a powerful motor to rotate slats up to 150 degrees, with ball bearings in place to absorb stress. These louvers use a double-skin facade to dispel heat, cooling the air below. And as they rotate, a tongue-and-groove mechanism locks into a flat and attractive surface. Modern pergolas also come equipped with gutter systems to drain water efficiently. Visit our Product page for a more detailed description of how each Sundance louvered roof works.

What are the Benefits of Bioclimatic Pergolas?

So what makes a louvered roof the right choice to shade your yard, pool lounge, deck, or balcony? At Sundance Louvered Roofs, we strive to find the best solution for every client’s individual needs. These are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

Adapting to the Weather

The most obvious benefit of a motorized pergola lies in the control it provides over an outdoor space. Whether you want to enjoy dinner on your deck or host clients at a rooftop party, louvered pergolas make it possible. When the weather’s mild, you can open up the roof to view sunny skies or stars. But if rain clouds roll in, your event will continue without interruption.

Adjusting With Ease

Old-fashioned awnings and verandas often make permanent changes to the light levels of your property. While you might appreciate the shade on a hot day, losing natural light for the rest of the year may not be worth it. And disassembling that shade cover could be difficult or impossible. Non-motorized louvers offer more customization, but they still require physical work to adjust.

Motorized louvers, meanwhile, are ready to rotate at a moment’s notice and with the press of a button. You don’t need to think twice before setting your pergola’s slats to the perfect angle. This feature is especially important in places where the weather changes frequently and at a moment’s notice.

Protecting Property

Even the hardiest outdoor furniture will gradually degrade through exposure to light and moisture. A bioclimatic pergola can protect the furniture below it from harsh elements and is completely waterproof. This not only extends the furniture’s lifespan but also ensures it stays dry and ready for use no matter the weather. Note, however, that any furniture you use beneath a pergola should still be rated for the outdoors.

Working With Your Home or Business

The simple design of a pergola allows it to seamlessly integrate with most buildings. Whatever the dimensions of your space, our professional designers will work to design a custom cover that balances appearance and performance. You can also choose from a variety of coatings to match your building’s palette. Check out our gallery page for examples of how Sundance Louvered Roofs can add a bioclimatic pergola to your structure.

Improving Your Property Value

Every useful addition you make to your property increases its value to others. In the case of louvered roofs, you effectively expand the usable space of a home or business. Building a bioclimatic pergola not only improves the land for you personally but also serves as a long-term investment in a property.

Are Bioclimatic Pergolas Better for Commercial or Residential Properties?

There’s no right or wrong reason to install a louvered roof. Both commercial and residential properties benefit from these structures, though not always in the same ways. How you intend to use a bioclimatic pergola will dictate its overall size, complexity, and appearance.


Business owners rely on louvered roofs to guarantee their meetings and services go as planned. For example, restaurants with outdoor dining areas extend the number of hours per day those seats are available. Senior homes may install them along balconies to give residents more comfortable time spent outdoors. Whether you host events or serve customers directly, nearly any business with outside space can benefit from a louvered pergola.


Homeowners have always searched for ways to increase the enjoyment of their yards. A pergola over a patio, for instance, provides shelter for a barbecue and dining area. This lets your family eat outdoors whenever the mood strikes. Pergolas offer the same protection over poolside lounges or apartment balconies. For those with neighbors, louvered roofs also block vision from upper stories into your yard, giving you greater privacy.

Why Choose Sundance Bioclimatic Pergolas?

Sundance Louvered Roofs offers its clients over a decade of experience in louvered roofs and bioclimatic pergolas. Our pergolas are built to withstand the elements for years to come using high-quality extruded aluminum frames and powerful motors. Sundance operates across the nation, with recognized dealers in many states ready to work with you. If you’re curious about how a bioclimatic pergola could improve your property, contact our team today for a consultation and free estimate.