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Designed to turn your outdoor living space into your new favorite room. Control the shade to enjoy your outdoor living space longer. Open the system to enjoy more natural sunlight during your favorite season. Find the perfect balance of sun and shade to enhance your outdoor activity.

The Ideal Louvered Roof For All Homes

From backyards to extravagent beachfront properties, the Sundance Louvered Roof has you covered

Porch cover by Sundance Louvered Roof


Rooftop shade by Sundance Louvered Roofs


Waterfront Sundance Louvered Roof


Louvered Roof on Ranch-style home


Sundance Louvered Roof on back deck

Cape Cod

LED lights on Louvered Roof


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“It’s the highest quality, most durable, and allowed for plenty of light as well as plenty of shade. It’s the best of both worlds”

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“It’s perfect for what we wanted. We’ve got sun, and we’ve got shade”

Wayne T.

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