Product – Modern Pergola with Louvered Roof

The Sundance All Season Pergola

We believe in the power of outdoor living, and strive to enhance our customer’s time spent outside. No more hiding from the sun inside, cancelling a party because of a little rain, or ruined patio furniture because you can’t fit it in your garage during the winter. 

Using 13 years of industry experience we develop the Sundance All Season Pergola. Each system is structurally engineered to last in all climates. All of our aluminum is extruder right here in the USA. 

We are one of the largest luxury louvered roof manufacturers with facilities from coast to coast, and a network of dealers that span across the United States to efficiently serve our residential and commercial clients.

The All Season Pergola in Action

Why Choose Sundance?

cross section of louver by Sundance Outdoor Living


With our tectonic arch design inspired by the arhces in our home of Utah,  and multiple vertical supports, our louver carries the largest span in the industry. 

Quality and Longevity

With our use of ball bearings on all moving parts, the high quality of our powder coating, and extensive engineering, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your All Season Pergola for decades to come. 

Local Service

Instead of one large, central manufacturing facility, we set up regional manufacturers across the country. This ensures that no matter where you live, you can get fast, local service. 

Made in the USA

We proudly source all major components, including all structural aluminum from right here in the United States, making the Sundance All Season Pergola.

Deep Volume Gutters

Crown Moulding Design

High Strength

Longest Spanning Louvers

6”x 6” Posts

Downspout Function

Louver Spring Pins

Easy and Quick Installation


Beautiful Flat Finish

IP-67 Motor

Fast Waterproof Motor

2”x 8” Beams

Longer Post-to-post Span

Gutter Screen Capable

Debris-free Gutters

Bumper Gasket

Leak Resistent

Custom Remote Control

Control Up To 16 Bays

140 ° Louver Rotation

Adjustable Slats

Multi-Wall Louvers


Low Friction Ball Bearings

Quiet Close