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The Sundance Louvered Roof

Here’s Our Story


Hal, our founder, put an aluminum patio cover on the back of his home to give him some shade and protection from the elements. What he didn’t realize even though his wife had told him, was that it would block the natural light from coming into our home through the patio windows. Hal soon found out he had to now turn the light on in his dining room just to read the morning paper. Over the next couple of years as Hal went into many homes of friends, neighbors, and relatives and saw how their windows and patio doors filled with natural light while his did not.


Hal was hired as a salesman for a home-improvement company in Ogden, Utah, and started selling patio covers. Having gone through the patio cover darkening experience with his own home, he looked for other options to offer customers and found that there weren’t any good ones. Hal found a retractable canvas awning that might blow away in the wind if you left them out and the fabric had to be replaced every few years. Hal also found wood and aluminum pergolas which cut out 70% of the natural sunlight and offered little or no protection from the elements. Neither of these patio products was the solution to his problem.


For nearly 26 years Hal sold outdoor products directly to homeowners as a manufacturing representative without a good solution to the problem. Finally, in 2007, Hal was introduced to a bottom pivot louvered roof system that was made in Israel and sold out of Phoenix AZ.

Hal was so excited about the product, and started selling so many of them that three months later he was asked by the manufacturer to be the national sales manager for the United States. Over the next three and one-half years Hal set up over 150 dealers nationwide to sell the product in local markets. The opening and closing mechanism was wonderful but there were many things lacking in that louvered roof including the fact that the manufacturer started getting all the parts from China.

Then, Hal had the opportunity to be a partner with a new similar product based in Louisville, KY. He felt this was a much better product because the louvers were made of extruded aluminum, not roll formed.  It was many times stronger and was manufactured in the United States. After a while, Hal found with larger size projects the extra weight of the louver with a bottom pivot system would require up to 500 pounds of pressure to open them. Hal felt that this design flaw would greatly limit the longevity of the mechanism and motor because of the extreme stress.  

After the company was sold, Hal was invited to work for his third louvered roof company as the national sales manager based out of Sacramento, CA.  It was a beautiful system with a center pivot mechanism that balanced the louvers which allowed for less stress to open and close the system. Because of the flat design the louvers could only span up to 12 feet so it greatly limited the size of the bays.


Hal was asked to be a partner with a company in Kansas City, KS.


With his 9 years of experience in louvered roofs industry, and the knowledge of what the perfect system is, Hal started designing the next generation louvered roof. After testing many different designs, his team came up with the tectonic arched center pivot louver which is 20% stronger than all other louvers in the market. Hal and his team called the product the Sundance Louvered Roof. It was designed with 14 advantages over other louvered roofs. As soon as they had a working prototype they applied for the patents on the product.  


As soon as our founder had a working prototype, Hal applied for the patents on the product. In July 2018, the first Sundance Louvered Roof was installed in Desoto, KS. 


Hal moved his company headquarters to Ogden, UT. Mike Lewis joined Hal’s company as a partner and head of operations. The company was re-incorporated as Sundance Louvered Roof LLC. The business model was changed to a distribution model with regional manufacturing business to have multiple licensed manufacturing facilities around the United States. In March, we installed our 100th system. By December, we established our first manufacturing distributor in Florida.


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