Are you looking to create a modern and sophisticated outdoor space? Are you tired of the same old backyard, patio, or deck from five years ago? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space with an advanced modern pergola.

Installing a modern louvered roof for your back porch, deck, swimming pool area, or outdoor lounge can make these places more comfortable and inviting year-round.

A louvered roof is an advanced pergola that offers several advantages over traditional retractable awnings. A modernized louvered roof provides superior protection from the elements.

It allows you to customize your environment by controlling how much sun or shade you want in any given area at any time. With modern louvered roofs, you can finally have the best of both worlds: sun and shade. Read on to learn more about modern louvered roofs and why now is the time to upgrade your outdoor space with one.

Regular Pergolas and Retractable Awnings Overview

Traditional pergolas have been around for centuries, providing shade and shelter from the sun. The beauty of a conventional pergola is that it can be easily constructed using wood or other materials with minimal effort and cost.

However, one of the drawbacks is that they don’t offer as much protection from rain or wind as retractable awnings do. Plus, they typically don’t provide enough shade to make your outdoor space comfortable during summer.

Retractable awnings, on the other hand, are great for protecting your outdoor areas from rain and excessive sunlight. But, they can also be costly to install and maintain over time due to repairs or replacements when the fabric starts to wear out after a few years.

Plus, retractable awnings are usually limited to a specific area of your outdoor space and can’t be easily moved or adjusted to provide more shade in different areas.

Consequently, retractable awnings are not the ideal solution for those looking to invest in an outdoor space that will provide comfort and convenience all year round.

What’s a Louvered Roof Pergola?

This is an advanced type of pergola that features adjustable louver panels. These panels can be adjusted to control the amount of sun and shade in any given area, making them ideal for:

  • Back porches
  • Decks
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Outdoor lounging areas

Many businesses also utilize modern louvered roofs for outdoor dining and lounge areas.

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Benefits of Louvered Roofs

Modern louvered roofs offer advantages that traditional retractable awnings and pergolas don’t. These benefits include:

The Ability To Control the Sun and Shade

Traditional pergolas don’t have this feature. With modern louvered roofs, you can control the amount of sun and shade in any area. This allows you to customize your environment depending on the season or occasion.

Remote Control

Similarly, modern louvered roofs can be controlled with a remote, allowing you to adjust the louver panels from virtually anywhere. This makes modern louvered roofs incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Strong Motor and Louvers

Another great benefit of modern louvered roofs is that they feature strong motors and solid louver panels. Hence, they can withstand even the harshest of conditions. The motors are also efficient, allowing them to last longer than traditional retractable awnings.

Withstand Winds Up to 150 Mph

Retractable awnings would be blown away and damage the house. On the other hand, modern louvered roofs can withstand winds of up to 150 mph. This makes them perfect for regions that experience strong windstorms.

Withstand Snow Loads Up to 60 Lbs per Square Foot

Normal retractable awnings would collapse under that pressure. Modern louvered roofs, however, can withstand heavy snow loads of up to 60 lbs per square foot. This makes them perfect for regions that experience regular snowfall.

Waterproof Motor and Louvers

Modern louvered roofs are designed to be waterproof. Even in wet climates, the motor and louver panels will remain safe from moisture damage and not leak onto your patio or furniture below.

Built-In Gutter System

Most modern louvered roofs come with a built-in gutter system. This can help reduce the water pooling in your yard and prevent damage associated with heavy rainfalls.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your back porch, deck, swimming pool area, or outdoor lounge space — or you’re a business owner looking for a way to create an attractive and comfortable outdoor experience — modern louvered roofs are the perfect solution.

Picking The Right Louvered Roof

If you’re considering installing a louvered roof for your outdoor space, choosing the right one is essential. Look for a reputable manufacturer who offers high-quality and durable materials that will last.

Also, consider the type of motor in the system — you want something robust yet energy efficient. Finally, check out any warranty or guarantees offered by the manufacturer in case there are any issues with your louvered roof down the line.

Now is the Perfect Time to Prepare for Spring and Summer

As we head into spring, now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor space for the upcoming summer. A modern louvered roof can effectively beat the heat while providing a great aesthetic to your area.

Plus, with all the additional benefits they offer compared to retractable awnings and traditional pergolas, modern louvered roofs are an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike who want to make the most of their outdoor spaces.

So don’t wait — start preparing for the summer months ahead by installing a louvered roof pergola. Find out more about our louvered roofs, and get in touch with us to learn how we can help you create your ideal outdoor living space.