A covered outdoor space can serve as a great functional extension to your home. It can also help you maximize the usable area of a hospitality business by offering comfortable, shaded outdoor seating. But what’s the best way to achieve that space? Louvered pergolas and solid patio covers are two of the most popular options. While awnings and retractable roofs certainly have their benefits, we’re big fans of louvered pergolas. Not only are they incredibly durable and versatile, but they have many other benefits too.

What Is a Louvered Pergola?

A pergola is a structure that sits over a walkway, patio, or deck, providing some shade. Traditionally, pergolas were made from stone, brick, or wood and had a beamed roof that would provide partial shade, while still letting in some light and promoting airflow. Modern pergolas are slightly different, with more configuration options available. Louvered pergolas have slatted roofs. Some even feature motorized adjustable slats so you can open or close them to provide more shelter or let in some natural light, depending on the weather and your mood.

What Is a Patio Cover?

Patio covers are structures that are intended to cover your deck or patio. They’re usually solid and have an enclosed roof. Patio covers do a good job of turning a deck into a cozy area for dining or relaxing outside, and they’re solid enough that you can add lighting or other fixtures to them. Depending on the size, location, and style of the patio, a cover can do a good job of sheltering the user from the elements while providing privacy too. However, these benefits come at a cost. Patio covers can be expensive to install, and their solid appearance means they can dominate the landscape. In addition, a closed roof can reduce ventilation, which is less than ideal during a hot summer. Patio covers can suit gardens with a certain aesthetic, but they lack the versatility of a modern pergola. If you’re a busy family that doesn’t want to wait for the weather to be right to entertain friends and loved ones, you’ll appreciate the control and freedom you get from a louvered pergola.

Why We Love Louvered Pergolas: Flexibility and Beauty

A louvered pergola is an ideal way to turn an outdoor space into a functional area for dining or socializing. Whether you’re a commercial establishment like a restaurant or bar and want a relaxing outdoor space for guests or you’re a homeowner and want an oasis¬†on your deck, a louvered pergola is an ideal option. Adjustable slats provide cover for your outdoor furniture, protecting it from snow, rain, and the weathering effects of the sun’s UV rays as you enjoy some sun. If it’s warm but drizzly and you want some fresh air, not a problem! Just use the waterproof motor to close the slats so you can sit outside and read your book without fear of getting wet.

The benefits of louvered pergolas are clear:

  • Control the amount of light that gets into your space
  • Enjoy improved ventilation
  • Protect your furniture and appliances from the elements
  • The extra shade could help improve privacy
  • Use your outdoor spaces all year round

Decorative and Functional

Patio covers can add a rustic charm to your home, but on closer inspection, they’re pretty delicate. Sliding covers or awnings can give you shade when you need it, but aren’t necessarily windproof. A sudden gust of wind can damage the awning and your home.

By comparison, louvered pergolas are tougher than they look. Sundance Outdoor Living’s louvered roofs can withstand hurricane winds up to 150 mph. They hold up well in the winter too with snow loads of up to 60 lbs per square foot.

So if you close the slats when it’s cloudy and leave them that way as a big storm rolls in, you won’t have to worry about the roof being blown off. The tough extruded aluminum posts and double skin insulation protect your installation, whatever the weather.

The durable construction isn’t just weatherproof, it’s designed for intensive use, making it suitable for installation on commercial premises too. If you’ve had issues with people damaging wood or vinyl, our aluminum structures offer a rugged alternative.

Quiet, Reliable, and Convenient

If you already have a pull-out awning to cover your patio, you may be wondering if it’s worth considering a redesign of your outdoor space. We think you’ll come to agree that it is when you think about the features of modern pergolas.

How many times have you thought about setting up your awning, but decided it was too much effort? Perhaps the weather forecast says there’s a chance of wind and rain, and pulling out the awning and securing it just doesn’t seem worth it for a couple of hours of enjoyment.

Designed based on 13 years of industry experience, our All Season Pergola is engineered to offer durability and reliability in all climates. Our louvered roofs use an IP-67 motor to adjust the slats, which can open to 150 degrees, or close to provide shade when needed. The slats can be operated using a remote control or an in-house wall remote, so you don’t even have to worry about finding the remote and making sure the batteries are charged; it couldn’t be easier to set up your pergola!

There are low-friction ball bearings at each end of the louver, ensuring quiet operation, and stopping them from sticking. A bumper gasket helps stop any metal-to-metal contact when you close the louver, too. This allows for a more quiet and more relaxing operation of your patio cover system.

A Great Addition to Any Garden

If you feel like your garden could do with a new lease of life, turning your outdoor seating area into a more luxurious space that can be enjoyed year-round is a great idea.

This simple, high-impact renovation will increase the value and curb appeal of your property. You’ll also be able to reap benefits throughout the year. Why wait for the summer to get outside and have that barbecue when you can take advantage of some of the nicer days of spring? You won’t have to worry about a brief shower sending you running indoors.

When you’ve got an aesthetically pleasing, readily accessible outdoor space with lighting and shade on-demand, you’ll spend more time outdoors. That’s less time running your home’s HVAC system.

Time outdoors is beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. It could help encourage the little ones in your family to engage in more active play too. It’s a win for everyone.

Enjoy Luxury Outdoor Living in Your Backyard

Once you have a louvered pergola, you’ll wonder how you coped with an uncovered deck or a simple patio. A good pergola is more than just a cover for an outdoor space, it turns that space into an extension of your home and everything you love about it.

If you’re curious about how a louvered patio cover would look in your yard, or if you’re considering one for outdoor seating at your hospitality business, contact us today for a consultation.