Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the essential rooms in a house. Whenever someone visits your home, they will tell you about your home’s quality by how your kitchen and bathrooms look. That is why home improvement in these two rooms can be quite significant.

A kitchen is the heart of your house where you prepare meals, and people socialize with family and friends. Bathrooms are a special place where we take care of our bodies. Home additions such as adding floorings and appliances can go a long way to making your home looking better if you know what you are doing or find the right contractor.

Kitchen remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen, you might need to get your cabinets and counter replaced or paint the walls. If you feel like adding appliances, you can get one or two to make your work more comfortable in the kitchen. The faucets might need replacing along with the sink and disposal and a few electrical work.

The cost will vary depending on your floor space and the number of materials and labor required. Many homeowners can sometimes be intimidated by the size of the kitchen and decide not to DIY. In this case, consider getting a professional to come to help you out.

Kitchen remodeling can take up to 30 days. If you need plumbing changes, like having a water line to the refrigerator, this will create more work but not so much. In terms of electrical issues, we are assuming you already have a kitchen that is up to code; if this is the case, only general lighting will need replacement. Outlets might also need to be replaced along with work lights.

What will drive the costs a bit higher is the flooring. Using laminated flooring will be sufficient for your kitchen as this is a cheap and dependable option; we would, however, not recommend the same for the bathroom because they are high in moisture.

Bathroom remodeling

When remodeling a bathroom, you might need to replace cabinets and counters add in new flooring. Shower or tub units might also need replacing; you could also paint your lavatory and add new accessories such as a mirror, bars, or towels. A little electric work might also be recommended.

Costs incurred will be lesser than what you might for the kitchen, probably half of what you would spend in the kitchen. For example, if remodeling a kitchen costs you $30000, a bathroom might cost you around $15000 to $16000. DIYing is also possible here, and many homeowners prefer to go for it since there is little floor space.

The time it will take to remodel a model majorly depends on the labor required and floor space. We can say at least 18 days if you remove the drywall, add insulation, and then put up new drywall. If you are not taking down the drywall, then remodeling might take around 14 days.

When it comes to plumbing, you might think that a lot of work is required since a bathroom is a water-intensive place, but no, plumbing work is minimal here. You can easily replace a toilet and a faucet. The bathtub or shower might drive up labor and costs since it requires more work and time to return.

Electrical work is also minimal unless you want to rewire your bathroom completely. If not, the work will be replacing the bathroom fan and outlets and switching out general lighting. Flooring, as we said, cannot be laminated; you can, however, go for vinyl flooring or tiles. Vinyl tile flooring, primarily luxury viny tile, can take your bathroom to the next level and make it look even better.


When remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, keep certain things in mind. These include cost, how much you will spend, and the disruption when the kitchen and bathroom are remodeled. You might need to find a solution to how you will operate without them as you will not be using them during the remodeling.

Consider the speed also, how fast can the job get done. Finally, the resale value is also essential; if you want to sell your house, buyers will most likely look at the kitchen and bathroom before anything else, so make sure the two rooms look their best when you are done.


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