A great BBQ is a divine art and a hard one for that case to do right. If you are looking to host a party in your backyard and want your friends to be talking about the barbecue for a long time, it’s time to up your grilling game. Whether it is in the pergola, louvered roof, or in the open, your barbecue skills have to be top-notch. In this article, we compiled some tips on how to achieve the best barbecue. We believe they will be of help.

Charcoal not Gas

This is not to say that gas doesn’t deliver good barbecue. We just think that nothing compares to charcoal’s delicious and smoky flavor. So how do you get started? First, arrange the charcoal in a two-zone layout. This is for flexibility and also lets you be in control of your cooking.

When you pile charcoal on one side of the barbecue, you get a hot side for searing the meat and a cool side to finish up the cooking process.

Prepare Adequately

If you want to get your cooking right, then you have to understand the necessity of preparation. How prepared are you for the barbecue? Is there enough space? How will you separate raw and cooked meat? Do you have the right tools? These are just but a few of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Part of the preparation process is cleaning the barbecue. The right time to do this is when it is lit and has heated up. To get rid of the charred food debris, use a wire brush. Now that the grill is clean, use a clean oil-soaked towel to oil it. This reduces sticking and helps prevent rusting.


Marinating is the most important step in barbecuing. Marinades make a huge difference in the texture and taste of meat. Not only do they help you achieve barbecues with good flavor, but also make your meat tender and juicier.

Other important tips to remember include preparing side dishes, considering vegetarians, and using different temperatures for different needs. Bring on the flavor with those awesome barbecues!