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All of these advantages offer you a stronger, better looking, and longer lasting louvered roof; and most importantly, so you can enjoy more time in your luxury outdoor living with your friends and family.


Deepest and largest volume gutter on the market with a crown moulding finish

LED Shelves

2 patent-pending in-gutter LED shelves to offer even lighting

Tectonic Arch

The tectonic arch has 4 internal structural girders and 2 external vertical stabilizers resulting in longest span and strongest louvers in the industry


6”x 6” extruded aluminum posts that have a downspout functionality

Spring Pins

Stainless steel louver spring pins allow for easy and quick installation


Beautiful, flat, tongue-and-groove finished ceiling when louvers close

Waterproof Motor

The IP-67 motor is a fast waterproof motor mechanism in all climates


2”x 8” extruded aluminum beams provide longer post-to-post spans

Gutter Screens

The only louvered roof system in the industry designed with a gutter screen capability 

Bumper Gasket

louvere bumper gasket already installed to prevent metal-to-metal contact for a quiet close

Remote Control

Remote controlled system commanding up to 16 bays; each system has the option for a hardwired motor switch, and an in-home wall remote

Louver Rotation

150 ° adjustable slats open and close for more sun and shade as needed

Double Skin Louvers

Extruded aluminum louvers made with double skin insulation to prevent heat transfer

Ball Bearings

Low friction ball bearings on each end of louvers that give a longer product life, and prevent metal-to-metal pin grinding and squeaking; quiet close

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