Pergolas have got to be one of the most inexpensive outdoor living spaces to decorate. This is because you can easily hang accessories on them.

A pergola is a garden feature supported by vertical pillars that could be used as a walkway or sitting area. During the nicer times of the year, many people like to retrieve to this outdoor space – both during the day and in the evenings. This is the reason why it is an asset, and its aesthetics can certainly be improved. This article explores some beautiful home improvement tips to make your pergola more welcoming.

Install Curtains

When it comes to outdoor spaces, one of the most effective home improvement tips is adding curtains. It is amazing how little effort can go a long way to transform your outdoor patio. Ensure the curtain cloth is weather-friendly. It would also help to use curtains with a neutral tone unless you are going for that “bold” look.

Solar String Lights

Forget about fluorescent lighting. If you want to liven up your outdoor space, solar string lights are the way to go. Hanging the lights is easy. You can choose to drape them over the upper rafts or wrap them around the pergola posts. Also, you don’t have to worry about switching them off because they automatically when the sun comes up. What’s more? String lights save you a lot of energy costs.

Add a Swing

Do you want to add extra seating in your space? A swing is a welcome idea. What better way to relax with a bottle of wine in your hand at the end of a tedious day?

Bring in Mother Nature

Do you want to connect your space to nature? Potted plants will come in handy. You could also plant strawberries or vines above your structure. This creates a shade, shielding you from the sun’s angry rays.


Another important home improvement tip for your pergola is hanging a hammock. If you are all about snuggling with your book or drink, you will probably love this. Hanging the hammock is easy as you only have to tie the two ends to the supporting columns.

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